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Centos Stream and Kubernetes 1.20.0v

This is a legacy post

This did not age well. CentOS Steam at the time was not easy to use. Nowadays solutions like Talos Linux provide better solutions

I decided to deploy CentOS Stream due to the announcement from both Redhat on their new focus and Kubernetes on their deprication of the Dockershim.

I decided to use ContainerD with Kubernetes 1.20.0V. CentOS Stream was installed with minimal install.

Currently testing a deployment using Calico as the network manager and the nfs-client-provisioner (Now known as the nfs-subdir-client-provisoner)

Eventually I will be using the following components

  • Calico Network
  • BGP peering
  • Traefik ingress controller
  • External-DNS
  • Cert-Manager
  • Vault Secret Manager
  • Node-Discovery
  • HA Control node
  • Kubevirt