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Texas Linux Fest For The First Timer

This is a legacy post

Who knew Covid would actually kill an entire Linux fest. Nothing has been planned since till now in 2023

Texas Linux Fest Banner

What is Texas Linux Fest #

Texas Linux fest is…

The first state-wide annual community-run conference for Linux and open source software users and enthusiasts from around the Lone Star State -

Meaning It is similar to some of the larger events such as Scale and SELF in their regions.

I attended the following talks..

Also, multiple vendors were on site, some of them being, in no partical order.

General vibe #

Everyone was friendly, and that is a plus.

Majority of attendees seemed to be either individuals that work with linux most of the time in their day jobs, or hobbyists, not entirely surprising. Among those who worked with linux day to day, the word of the day was cloud.

Yeah, I know. THAT cloud.

“When my company was bought, Even though we had fully paid off gear to manage our workload. We were instructed to migrate to AWS and then proceeded to toss out our on-premise gear after months of no use.”

  • A Handsome TXLF Attendee

“Sysadmin Jobs are declining, Cloud Engineer jobs are skyrocketing!”

The Talks #

Most of the talks assumed beginner knowledge of Linux, which is great for me, a long time Linux professional and hobbyist. However I brought along two friends…

  • One who was a Linux beginner,
    • A fellow coworker on my support team.
      • Lets call him Tux
  • One with zero linux experience and is not technical,
    • My dear girlfriend who is a theater and drama nut, but interested in learning. - Lets call her Jane

Day 1 #

The start of the Linuxing #

Ansible Beginner to Brilliant #

One of the first talks of the day 1, and the first one Jane and myself attended, and the first one that I realized I didn’t have my laptop

This talk assumed zero knowledge of Ansible, which is great I thought. The first half covered topics I already knew. But unfortunately I had to leave the talk midway though, Otherwise it was a great and knowledge talk that catered to a lot of people.

Becoming Dangerous with Kubernetes #

“It can’t be that easy… is it?” #

JJ’s introduction to Kubernetes is fantastic. #

In more words, JJ is able to keep the audience engaged with his “frank to-the-point” humor.

His talk went into details about each component of K8s, Such as services, pods, and how pods are scheduled and managed between each other.

After the talk, it left Tux and I surprised on how much about K8s we already knew, and that we assumed we knew less than we already knew.

Day 2 #

sudo dnf install caffeine #

Linux Permissions 101 #

chmod 777 #

A rather basic introduction course, great for any linux beginner like my friend Tux.

Confessions of a Sysadmin #

“Its okay to be new.” #

This is not a technical talk, it was a talk that wraps Ell and Allie’s Story into their IT careers, which is full of mishaps, potential fires and common tropes in the Linux Community. I originally wrote this off as a fun meta talk taking a break from the deep technical content of the other talks.

To my surprise, Tux and Jane benefited from the talk perhaps more than any other talks. Jane mentioned that she now understood that it was “okay to be wrong and to ask questions” about technology, I guess sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else to know that you are not going nuts.

Linux Performance Tuning #

iostat, ss, netstat and tuneD oh my #

I learned the most at this talk, it is a shame that it is only 45 minutes long, easily could of been a 3 hour workshop. Thomas is a excellent speaker and I would recommend any of his talks or presentations.

Understanding Containers #

chroot /dankmemes/ #

Ell goes into the deep history of Linux containers, Along with some tasks you can perform at home to create your own containers without using container tools. Such as how to copy every library you need to create an apache container using default linux tools.

Automate Absolutely Everything #

ansible-galaxy init hype #

Adam’s lively talk goes into what ansible can automate. a great introduction course to those who have not heard of ansible.

So… how was it? #

TXLF is great, I’ll see you in TXLF 2020

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