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First thoughts on the voyager keyboard

The newest of the new. #

The Voyager Keyboard

Who gave you the right to talk about this keyboard?

A few things, Actually.

  • I suffer from hardcore RSI, making me sensitive to keyboards and hand movement.
    • Choc keyboards should help with this.
  • I have been using the Moonlander for 4 years as my daily driver.
    • Games, Programming, you name it.
  • Because My RSI is mostly based on my wrist moving too far from neutral, the less keys the better.
    • Home row mods are needed for this.
  • My hands are smol.

The Number of Keys. #

I found that when using my moonlander, I did not use the inside edge at all. I did use the top, outer, and bottom edge, the voyager has the top, and outside edge. Seems reasonable.

I do wish I have some more keys by my thumb, but I am not sure the increase size is worth the extra buttons

The Choc Experience #

I normally use MX Browns for my recent keyboards, but on chocs, browns almost feel like linear, Recommend going clicky if this might bug you.

Form factor #

Even with aggressive tilting mods using the tripod mount. This keyboard achieves the same thing in a smaller, thinner, package.

Price #

High quality, low supply, niche market. The price is high, but it is not unreasonable for the target audience.

Final word. #

I enjoy it, and its solid